Sam Underwood was awarded Best Actor at The 8th SOHO International Film Festival this weekend, for his role of Hamlet in Ophelia. Ophelia was also nominated for Best Showcase Short Film.

We had such a great time at the SOHO Film Festival and watched some great films from some and talented emerging filmmakers. This being our premiere we're very excited to see where else Ophelia will take us. 


LOSING DAYS at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This year Initiative | 26, along with Fundamental Theater Project, are taking Losing Days to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 
Losing Days follows Sam Underwood's hilarious and harrowing journey of losing his f*cking mind - and finding it again - set to the tunes that got him through. Featuring live music from Frank Turner’s ‘Tape Deck Heart’ album, and the debut performance of The Boxroom Larrys. 

1 in 3 people suffer with some form of mental illness in the course of their life. For such a pervasive condition in society, opening up about the internal struggle many people deal with on a day-to-day basis is still surrounded by skepticism, shame, and silence.

Losing Days is a true story seen through a shattered kaleidoscope,
delving into the superhero struggle of mental illness,
and smashing the taboos that surround it.

With musical direction by Maks Kubis.

This is NOT a sob story!

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